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AfroVibes donates a portion of every dollar earned to the American Heart Association each year to participate in the fight towards resolving health issues that disproportionately affect our African and Black communities. Each year, the AV team is also committed to employing at minimum 10 international professionals and college ambassadors as a way to uplift, inspire, and encourage others.

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About AfroVibes

AfroVibes Media (AfroVibes) is a leading media company delivering comprehensive stories on African business and entertainment for a global audience. Our platform shines a spotlight on African successes, fostering positive conversations about the continent and attracting investment.

Launched in 2016, we highlight African business leaders, entertainers, celebrities, and events. With an audience of more than 15 thousand per week through our website and social media platforms combined, our mission is to tell better African stories, to celebrate culture, and to connect through shared stories and eventful experiences.

We appreciate our AV community and those who have connected with us over the years. Your support helps us grow.

Testimonials From Our #AfroVibes Community

I am a physician and artist born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana. The vibe is always right when it pertains to Africa so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 

Dr. Kofi Sarfo-Kantanka

I love my heritage because it symbolizes my strength and it defines and represents who I am as a person, something I take great pride in. 

Kwasi Beast, MTV Reality TV Show "Are You The One" Co-Star

Although I was born and raised in NY-TX my heart is in Nigeria and more specifically Benin. The first time I traveled to Nigeria, I immediately felt like I arrived home. It was a supernatural feeling that I will never forget. My heritage is everything to me.  Shoutout to AfroVibes for this amazing platform!

Olufemi Guobadia

I couldn’t be any more proud of my heritage and I got that vibe from Douala, Cameroon. I’m Tony Tchani and don’t mispronounce my last name either.

Tony Tchani, Professional Soccer Player

I love my heritage because it keeps me deeply grounded in my core values and beliefs. My heritage has always been the catalyst that has propelled me towards constantly striving to actuate my life’s purpose, which is to inspire, cultivate and invest in future generations from my beloved Motherland.

Dr. Omosude

The AfroVibes T-shirt is a constant reminder of how much I LOVE being AFRICAN, how beautiful we ALL are, and the DIVERSITY of our cultures and dance movements. There is nothing else I’d rather be.

Peter Uwalaka, African Dancer/Middle School Principal

Culture unites us, culture brings out the best in us, I live for the culture. Cameroonian born, blessed beyond imagination. 

Gilbert Bangha

I was born and raised in Douala, Cameroon. I moved to America in 2006 and went back to visit this February after 10 years and it was amazing. 

Venance, Model

A man asked me what AfroVibes was about. I explained to him that to me, the AfroVibes T-shirt represents celebrating cultural differences and heritage. It’s about young Africans/African descendants embracing the responsibility of challenging stereotypes, thinking globally to solve local problems, and exceeding boundaries. 

Michael Adeyinka

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