AVINFLUENCER: Katelyn Brazley

”My name is Katelyn and I am a Black American originally from Louisville, Ky. However, my grandfathers’ parents were sharecroppers in Tennessee and their parents were slaves. Learning this at a young age, pushed me to ensure the sacrifices my predecessors made were not in vain. When others saw obstacles, I saw opportunities and each challenge I faced, helped build my story and strength.

My heritage challenges me to create a better tomorrow for those who follow just as my ancestors did for me. My mission is to get a better understanding and appreciation of all cultures and to push the motto: #LiftAsWeClimb. My advice is to love others for both your similarities and your differences in a way that transcends distance.

When I graduate from the Kelley School of Business with my MBA this May, I will be carrying ALL of my ancestors with me. Just keep going and be proud of who you are. Who you are is ultimately your greatest strength.”

-Katelyn (@misskbraz)

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