“While rocking my AfroVibes shirt in Bangkok, Thailand, a man named Anurak was particularly interested in what AfroVibes represents. He asked, “you know one thing I’ve admired about you over the past few days? You have been open to try our street food, dance to our music, wear our clothes, attempt to speak our languages, and slept in our remote villages. Unlike some tourists, you did these with a smile, joyful energy, and with a candid respect for our culture.” He then asked what Afrovibes was about. I explained that to me, AfroVibes represents celebrating cultural differences, and heritage. It’s about young Africans/African descendants embracing the responsibility of challenging stereotypes, thinking globally to solve local problems, and exceeding boundaries. We are artists who strive to paint a different image, travelers who aim to leave long lasting footprints, and storytellers who hope to redefine the narrative written of the “African.” 

-Debo Adeyinka (@debo2020s)

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